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Three's a Charm

While I won't claim to be his biggest fan, or even in the top hundred or so, I am a dedicated fan of Weird Al Yankovic. Previously I have been to his penultimate concert in Albuquerque (technically in Rio Rancho) and, during his 2011 tour in which he skipped Albuquerque, to one in upstate NY which happened to occur around my sister's birthday. Since I was already there for her birthday, I figured I would attend the concert as well. I also have a DVD of one of his tours, and a blu-ray of the tour in which he skipped Albuquerque.

When I found out about this concert, Andy and I decided to get the super deluxe tickets-plus-swag package and consider it a late anniversary event. Unfortunately by the time we'd figured out that none of our friends would be coming along, there was exactly one package left, so we ended up in the general seating area, albeit in the center section, about halfway back, in the aisle seat and the second seat in.

As has been the case in the other two concerts I attended, the set started out with the most recent Polka, in this case "Polka Face." His second song, as with the concert in upstate NY, was "Frank's 2000 Inch TV," which for some reason just makes me insanely happy. He began taunting the audience early, egging us on by saying (paraphrased, I don't have photographic recall), "I know you all expect to hear something tonight, so let's get it over with," followed by his shouted announcement, "Drum solo!" For those who aren't rabid fans, Mr. Yankovic has a song on one of his albums called "Albuquerque," and has much fun teasing us when he's here. After a few more songs he said something along the lines of, "Ok, now for the moment you've been waiting for," followed by his yelling "Drum solo repeat!" which was followed by a second drum solo, which John "Bermuda" Schwartz really hammed up. Drum solos are a standard part of the early portions of his concerts, but this is the first time we've ever had two.

During "Canadian Idiot", when he sings the line about a pre-emptive strike, streamers were launched toward the audience, but got caught on the lights just off of the stage. Andy wondered if they'd rehearsed it.

The stage was smaller and a bit cramped, which means Mr. Yankovic wasn't able to cavort around as much as usual, but he still managed to get the cheerleader/dancers on for "Smells Like Nirvana" and pulled off the multiple costume changes for his various songs. As in his other concerts, the costume changes are covered by snippets of his "interviews" with various celebrities (he takes interviews done by others and inserts himself asking different questions and reacting to the answers), clips of shows which have included or alluded to him, and other miscellanea.

Another staple in his shows is a song where he leaves stage and interacts with audience members. As far as I can tell the song used to be random, but since releasing "Wanna B Ur Lovr," that's been the song he uses for the audience schmooze. For those unfamiliar with the song, it's a Weird Al original, has a sleazy tune, has a ton of funny/awful pick-up lines, and a bunch of not-so-subtle innuendo while still being ok for children to listen to.

The super-special swag-plus-tickets seats were at the front of stage, but were grouped very closely together, so he really couldn't go among them. He did lap dance on a couple of women and sing to others in the very front, but then he started heading into the general audience. He was about at our row when he sang the line, "Your eyes are even bluer than the water in my toilet." He got to our row just as he began singing, "Hey, has anyone ever told you, you have Yugoslavian hands," and he held my hand for the line. In my best Dot Warner voice, "He touched me!"

Next up was his medley. In the prior concerts he's only done short bits of the songs; refrains or maybe a verse. This time he did about half of every song, which made for a much longer and, in my opinion, funnier, medley. He did a lot of his earlier songs as well, and one song which I'm pretty sure he's never released on an album.

As with every concert of his I've seen, "Fat" was the final song. As with the concert I saw in 2011, "The Saga Begins," "Yoda," and the Yoda chant (which Andy says has become more elaborate since he last saw it in the penultimate Albuquerque concert) were the encore songs. As per usual, The 501st Legion came onto stage for "The Saga Begins." Some highlights: one of the Stormtroopers was very short, and when Al sang about "Little Hotshot", he draped his arm over the short Stormtrooper's shoulder. The Stormtroopers, during sections of the song, danced and pointed their blasters in what appeared to be random directions, as if to explain why they always missed in the movies. When Al mentioned "I'll train this boy" at the end of the song, he indicated Vader. Near the end of the song the Stormtroopers began doing the wave, and Vader put his hands over his face and shook his head. He ended up doing the wave in the very end, though.

After the Yoda chant Mr. Yankovic, who had been sprinkling references to the song "Albuquerque" in other songs as well as the drum solos, sang the very end of "Albuquerque." Andy sort of wished he'd performed the whole song, but we know that despite being his encore song two tours ago, the song is very demanding. I was happy to hear any of it at all, and he added a few things to the part he did, so it was all good.

We were early (second concert, I believe) in the tour, and he's still adding dates at his ticket site. I highly recommend the concert to everyone. For those who don't know, his songs are not all parodies; he does original songs which are hilarious as well. He gives high-energy concerts with lots of costume changes and hijinks, and his facial expressions are priceless. Even if you're not a rabid fan like some people (innocent look), it really is worth it to check out his concerts if you have a chance.
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