Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Whee, a fairly productive day. It was mostly in the realm of housework, so fairly boring to write about. For dinner we had leftover roast beast (I reheated it the oven so it's no longer rare roast beast), mashed potatoes, and (compliments of Andy) salads. We decided to put off the second bottle of Martinelli's for a day when he's not so tired, but we did eat by candlelight again.

Andy's class went well. He thought the students were rowdy; more what he'd expect from high school freshmen rather than college students. He also says he now realized how good he had it when he taught for a semester: his group of students were much more what he expects from people of college age. He did have fun, though, and looks forward to seeing some of the students at the Origami fest in Charlotte next week.

There is some news job-wise, but it is very preliminary and may not come to anything. However, in late September or early October he's meeting some people for a chat, and if they like him he may end up being interviewed. For now we're treating it in a "wouldn't it be nice?" manner and not expecting much, given the economy as it stands. Andy's not yet heard back from SGI as to whether they filled the position he'd been all but offered outright. They really couldn't have found a more perfect fit for the job, at least one who was looking for work, but I imagine there are plenty of perfectly adequate types looking for work now in the Bay Area.

For the first time in three or four days I got a full walk in, rather than the half-walks I've been taking. It was raining before I started, so it almost didn't happen. My first two rounds were done in a misty sort of drizzle; for three through six it was just humid as all get out. There were a lot of cars whizzing over to streets I'd already begun crossing -- I wish people would treat this as a residential parking lot rather than as an interstate. Anyway, Cornelius came out to chat on round five, as did the sillier of the two bunnies. I think the one I saw the other night which I couldn't identify was also the silly one, and last night I definitely saw the skittish one on one round. One of these weeks I'll bring my camera on my walk(s) and see if I can get pictures.

Speaking of cameras and photos, I added some new pictures to the kitty gallery and to the Zome gallery. I still don't have any photos of the origami thing Andy folded, but I put up the picture of the Zome version of the same shape. I suspect I'll need to scan in the photo of the origami; I believe Gail destroyed our last extant copy before we got the digital camera.
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