Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Helping Others For Free

[Note: I have posted this on Facebook and will be posting it on Google+, so if you follow me on those sites, this will look familiar.]

For those who are unaware, there is a suite of sites wherein you can click a button, read some ads, and have a donation made to a cause by the folks who pay for the ads. There are several sites, each of which can be donated to by your click once a day. This is *not* a scam; it's even verified by Snopes:

I use the Hunger Site as a jumpoff point since it was the first of the suite to be founded; the other causes are mammograms to detect breast cancer, feeding shelter animals, helping homeless veterans, therapy for children on the autism spectrum, health care for children in developing nations, books so children who otherwise would not be able can learn to read, and preserving the rainforest.

Due to the horrific drought conditions in Somalia and the other nations in the Horn of Africa, the Hunger Site is concentrating their efforts there for a while. Please consider visiting the charity suite and clicking once a day; even make it a ritual or routine.

The suite also runs a store in which each purchase makes a donation to your cause of choice, based on where you jumped off. For instance, if you use the navigation bar of the Hunger Site, each item will notify you of how many cups of food the purchase will generate. There is a lot of cool stuff in the store, and the t-shirts and peasant blouse I've bought were well-made. If you have an occasion coming up where you need a gift, please look over the store as well as doing the free click.
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