Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Jenny, Thurs Aug 4th-Fri Aug 5th

So much for daily updates. Oh well. Anyway, Jenny met her original foster mom again on Friday, as well as a new stranger, and did fine with both. For a kitten who was at the borderline age for ferals being able to be tamed, she is not afraid of people now. She's still sleeping in her tent at night, and still makes a fuss if I'm not nearby. I'm not sure how she'll react when I start sleeping on the bed again, rather than on the floor next to the tent. Heidi is still acting somewhat like a spinster aunt bemused by the antics of a youngster. Sean is playing with her, but will pin her if she gets out of hand (or out of paw, as the case may be).

There are week seven pictures of her up at
Tags: fosterling, jenny
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