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Fosterling Intro: Jenny/Jill

Andy and I are fostering one of the four emergency kittens ljedi was saddled with last week. The kitten's given name was Jill, after a character in the computer game _Resident Evil_, and we're calling her both Jill and Jenny, the latter of which she responds to at this point. I'm not sure how long we'll have her for; we want to make sure she is still adoptable when we give her up. Sadly, May through September is kitten season, and if the kittens are not super tiny and cute, they get passed over. Tiny and cute encompasses anywhere from 8 weeks (the youngest they're supposed to be separated from their mother) to somewhere under 16 weeks (the age at which they're recommended to be fixed). Jenny is about six weeks old now. There are some pictures of her here.

Friday, July 29th: Jenny was introduced to us. Heidi and Sean were at first indifferent and/or mildly curious, but it devolved to growling and hissing later. No swatting or physical violence, though. Jenny had to go home with ljedi that night because we realized we couldn't let her have the run of the bedroom (too many ways for a kitten to hurt herself), and she would be too lonely if we locked her out for the night.

Saturday, July 30th: I went to Clark's, where Kitty City is, and got something between a dog kennel and a tent to keep the kitten in at night, as well as an extra food dish and some small litter boxes. Jenny came back over in the evening, and more unhappiness ensued between the older cats and the kitten. We were advised not to let the kitten hide and instead train her to come to us for comfort. This part worked out really well, and she will spend hours on laps (or on legs, as the case may be. She's too small to fit in a lap proper). I had a featherbed when I went to Oswego, so I put it on the floor next to the tent and slept on the floor to keep the kitten company. Jenny has an extremely loud and high-pitched squeaky meow which is her all-purpose noise. She also has an adult-sized purr, which makes me wonder if she will someday be a thunder-purrer.

Sunday, July 31st: Heidi and Sean seemed to take turns being very upset that the kitten was here. We continued to handle her early and often to get her used to us, and she started answering to "Jenny". She may be somewhat like Sean in that respect; he also comes when called. Found out that our two older cats, who always ignored canned food before, were quite enthralled with the kitten's.

Monday, August 1st: Sean, who likes being chased, discovered that kitten likes chasing, and also playing hide and seek. That was the breakthrough for them. They played for quite a while. Heidi was still disgruntled, though. Jenny discovered shoulders, and now perches on them almost as much as she sits in laps. We heard a real "meow" from her today; it was very cute. Like Heidi, Jenny really wants to explore my desk. Due to how Thena died, though, I don't want cats on my desk. She's even more persistent than Heidi, and Andy takes much amusement from my admonishments. He also seems to be quite taken in by her antics, and is taking copious amounts of pictures.

Tuesday, August 2nd: Discovered that the Cat Genie™ is not too high for Jenny to get into. She also likes climbing, and can often be found perched on top of the scratching post. Also, we had a roll of carpet out to be taken to the garbage, and she has taken to climbing it, especially when playing with the other kitties. She is still a major lap-kitten; I have a feeling this will be a long-term personality trait.

Wednesday, August 3rd: Jenny is climbing into the Cat Genie™ of her own volition now, and at least scratching around inside. Ours has a dome so I can't tell if she's actually using it, but the fact that she's not afraid of it is a good sign. There is still hissing and growling going on, but Andy is firmly convinced that it is mostly the adult cats telling her that it's no longer playtime. Kitten is especially fond of pouncing Heidi's tail. If Heidi had not constantly twitched her tail from the moment we met, I would think she might be doing it on purpose. Oh, and Jenny chases her own tail as well, and looks very confused when she catches it.

I will do an entry about Thursday later on today, when Thursday is almost or officially over. I'm hoping to update daily so we can keep track of her progress.
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