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Yesterday I didn't do much except read, though I did take a break long enough for half a walk (skittish bunny on round one) and to do grocery shopping, in which I forgot the main item I went for. I didn't post because as soon as dinner was over I began reading the book again. When he came to bed I gave him a massage, then had all intentions of doing my journal entry and going to bed. Instead I finished the book.

Today I went back to get the herbs I forgot yesterday, deposited some checks, and made sure the car won't complain about its gas tank being empty in the next few days. I made a roast using merlinofchaos's recipe, and Andy really liked it. I pulled out some Martinelli's just to celebrate the fact that we have each other and two wonderful kitties.

Andy's defense date, barring any mitigating circumstances (such as hurricane I-Z making it to our area), is October 23rd. He says it's as set as it ever gets, and the people in the department have it on their calendars. It's later than he'd hoped, but at least he'll have a lot of time to polish. He's hoping to have the first revisions on all of his chapters done by the end of this week, preferably Thursday. The dissertation is going to be over 250 pages by the time he's done. I'm not even trying to parse the word counts -- biiiiiig numbers.

Some friends whom I hadn't seen around for a while showed up on a friend's MUSH today. It was so nice chatting with them (hint hint, if one or more of them is reading this) again.

Oh, and Andy is teaching a class tomorrow. It's something to do with tessellations, and since he enjoys teaching so much, he'll probably have lots of fun. Sadly it's at oh-my-gosh-it's-early in the morning, so I should take off so I don't fall asleep while driving him to school.
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