Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Aside from laundry, dishes, making dinner, and taking half of my walk (I saw the skittish bunny in round 1), I didn't do much actively today. I did reread the second and third Harry Potter books, out of curiosity from a line in the trailer for the next one to come out, and then just because I liked book three. Thena sat on my lap a lot.

Thanks to tropical storm (downgraded today to tropical depression) Hanna we've had some rain yesterday and today, but they were more teases than the type which we really need. I only took half my walk because it was so muggy out there that you could see the wet, and because it started raining actual drops near the end, though not enough that we can hear it on our skylights. I hope we get a drenching from some other tropical storms; I won't complain if none of the named storms this year manage to reach hurricane level.
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