Cat (willowisp) wrote,

A Christmas Tree Mini-Saga

Andy and I had planned on getting a Christmas tree this weekend, so tonight we dutifully piled into his Honda Fit and headed to the Lowe's just around the corner. We've gotten pretty lucky there in the past, even later in the season than this year, but this year was a bust. The few trees left looked almost... sickly, for lack of a better word. The needles were more gray than green, and not a blue-spruce-type gray. We found a few trees which were acceptable, but the best of them had a distinct smell of fish; even Andy noticed.

When I'd been shopping earlier this week at the two nearby Whole Foods (A bit of a long story), I had noticed that they were selling trees, so I recommended we try there. Andy was a bit treed out, but agreed once I offered to drive. The one closest to us, the smaller one, was also a bust, with only one tree left. The reason I had decided to go to that one first is that it had a tree lot next door. That one had been wiped out as well, with only miniature trees left.

We decided to try the larger Whole Foods, and on the way thereto we passed another lot which had some trees left. We ended up not having to go to it, though, because the larger Whole Foods still had trees left, and they were full and green and fragrant. The first one I looked at was nice; the second one we looked at was sold, and we finally settled on the third one we saw, even though it was in a stand but we didn't need one. Fortunately they were willing to remove it, and they even had a netting machine tucked away. With the front passenger seat down it fit into the Honda completely.

Andy had gone in to shop while I got the tree set up, and due to a slight mix-up he and I missed each other, so he was out in the car while I was looking for him in the store. I went back out and found him, and the scent was wonderful -- we hadn't been able to tell when it was with all the others, but once it was in the car we had confirmation that this one was fragrant. Partway home I asked him if he'd paid for it, and he said no, so we turned around and did so. Now the tree is patiently waiting to be put up while the cats explore around it. I wonder if Heidi will climb in it once it's un-netted. She did so the first time we ever had a real tree, but hasn't since.

I may not decorate the tree until tomorrow, because Andy has a pass-around party at work and I have to make his contribution; plus we'd planned on baking Christmas cookies tonight and I may still try to do so.
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