Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Forensics Tournament #5 2010-2011

Yesterday was the final forensics fiasco of the calendar year, though their official years follow the traditional school year. I skipped the prior two due to the length of commute. I also overslept for this one, so got there late, but not too late to judge four rounds.

My first round was some sort of debate; not public forum. I must have still been a bit sleepy because I can't really remember anything except that there were teams of two making the arguments. Then I judged finals duo, then semi-finals of public forum, then finals of Lincoln-Douglas. The topics for this month were interesting, at least for the two debates I remember.

Oddly enough, I had only seen one of the duo acts before; all of the others were new to me. As usual, it was hard to decide between second and third, but the first place really outshone the rest. And after third place everyone is fourth, so I didn't have to rank the others. I'm glad I don't have to give anyone last place, technically. Of course, judges aren't allowed to discuss the round, so I have no idea if the others agreed. I'm also glad there are two other judges so that I'm not singly responsible for the outcome.

I know there are some forensics distance-learning courses, but I can't remember whether they're for coaches or judges. Maybe I'll look into them over the holiday lull. I'm not sure if any coach positions are open, and if so, whether the school would be close enough for me to take the position, and of course whether I was qualified. If I take an online course, though, maybe I'd be a little more confident of my qualifications since they wouldn't just be "competed in speech in high school".
Tags: forensics
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