Cat (willowisp) wrote,

General Catch-Up

Ever since the Kindle came out I've been waffling over getting one, especially when I went back to school, but I've always talked myself out of it. Today was different; I finally broke down and got one. My biggest decision was not color, but whether I should get the 3G one or not. After discussing it with callicrates I opted for just the Wi-Fi, placed the order, and loaded it up with C.S. Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien, and random other goodness. It is due to be delivered tomorrow.

After Andy got home from work we decided to do a quest run on LotRO, but when I tried to open the game, it hung. I couldn't shut it down via Windoze task manager, so I tried to shut down the computer. That didn't work either. Finally I power-cycled... except that it never came back on. Andy fiddled with cords and such, but it stubbornly refused to power on, so it has been declared dead. I suspect it was annoyed that I was in geek ecstasy over my shiny new toy.

I found a new computer online as a scratch and dent model, but by the time we had talked it over it had disappeared. Luckily the cart specifically tells you it will empty after fifteen minutes, so I waited for about ten, searched again, and there it was. It is now paid for and will be arriving on or before November 30th. Until then I have my Mac laptop hooked up to my monitor, keyboard, and trackball. I won't be able to play LotRO unless I borrow Andy's computer, but taking a break from LotRO won't kill me. In fact, I did so for both semesters I was at Oswego. I'm sure Andy and I can find other things to do together -- there are several DVDs we've wanted to watch, for instance.

In other news, I skipped the last two forensics tournaments because both were 2-3 hours' drive away. The last one of the calendar year is December 4th. Unfortunately it conflicts with echoweaver's baby shower, and I had better get to judge some speech since I'm giving up going to the party in order to adjudicate.

In other other news, the kitty saga appears to have had a decent ending. Heidi and Sean are sneezing less and Heidi's eyes have cleared up. They've also not been getting sick nearly as much, for which our carpet no doubt thanks us. Heidi has also gotten over her (thankfully temporary) fear of us. It's nice to have our kitties back to their normal selves after a really rough two weeks.
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