Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Vet Visit #2

Heidi began barfing immediately after every application of medication yesterday, as well as copiously in between. When we finally realized there was a pattern, we decided to call the vet in the morning. This morning Andy found Heidi in the shower and we both thought it was cute, but when he went to reach for her she shied away. That was sort of strange because I've been the bad guy through all of this with the initial vet visit and the administration of meds.

I called the vet before I dosed Sean and we decided, over the phone, to try pilling her instead. Then I dosed Sean and took a nap. I awakened to the sound of Sean barfing up... nothing, really, just water, and drooling. After two more times of that, I called the vet again. Mine was gone for the day, but the other vet in the practice said to bring them in for injected medication.

When we got there I mentioned I was worried about Sean, since he had been drooling for an hour by then. The vet decided that instead of the antibiotics, she would inject them with anti-vomit meds and also said to give them a quarter pill of Pepcid™ later in the evening. Sean was his usual passive self when getting the injection. Heidi hissed a few times, then stalked back into her carrier.

Pilling them was a pain, and afterwards Sean started drooling again while I was up trying to pill Heidi. Heidi was drolling heavily after the first attempt, but I think I finally got it down. The ironic part was that the Pepcid™ was to ease up any pain they might have in the esophagus.

I'm supposed to call the vet tomorrow or Saturday to consult about what to do about the original antibiotics. I'm heavily leaning toward an injection since it lasts the whole ten days, so I can't forget to dose them, and there's less of a chance of traumatizing them with multiple doses. Both cats are still sneezing, albeit not as much as before we started them on the meds. I haven't seen any discharge, so I can't see if it's cleared up.
Tags: heidi, sean
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