Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Vet Visit

Heidi and Sean had their annual exams today. Both have been sneezing and coughing, and Sean was even considerate enough to demonstrate for the vet. The vet thinks they are both suffering from allergies with a secondary bacterial infection, and both have antibiotics with some allergy meds mixed in.

Heidi, who was seriously overweight, has lost two pounds since last year's checkup. She still weighs appreciably more than Sean, but we're going to watch her to make sure her weight isn't plummeting dangerously.

It was Heidi's year for her rabies booster, but I asked the vet if it would be ok to give both rabies shots to get them on the same schedule. They also got distemper shots but not leukemia since they're strictly indoor. Although they get exams annually, they only get shots every three years, on the same schedule as their rabies inoculations, to lower the chances of injection site sarcoma.
Tags: heidi, sean, veterinarian
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