Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Cirque Du Oh Wow

Tonight Andy and I went again to the middle of nowhere, Rio Rancho, though not to see Weird Al. This time it was the Cirque Du Soleil show _Alegria_. I had seen a Cirque performance before, though it wasn't Du Soleil, when echoweaver and studentbane could not make it to a show and gave us their tickets. That show impressed the heck out of me. The theme was the dreams of circus performers, and it was very surreal.

It did not prepare me at all for an actual Cirque Du Soleil show. _Alegria_ was gorgeous, and the acrobatics were just... wow. There wasn't as much storytelling, but it was breathtaking nonetheless. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who might see it someday, but if you have the chance, for heaven's sake take it.

Andy knew two of the songs in the show from his Cirque CD. At first I was sad because I thought it would mean I'd never hear some of those songs again, but he reassured me that they have a show album out as well as a DVD. I am looking forward to hearing and seeing it again. Poor Andy is going to have to listen to me humming the main _Alegria_ theme for weeks.
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