Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Week 16 Update, Spring

Finals week was intense. I have no idea on how I did on two finals, or on my paper for feminist theory, though I had a "B+" (as far as I can tell) going into the exam/final paper. I got two "A"s back on a short story and a literature review I did for Tolkien. I also found out I had a "B" going into the final paper for linguistics. I've no idea at all where I stand with regards to the senior seminar.

The torchlight ceremony the night before graduation was lovely. Graduation started out on a gloomy day, but by the time we got out it had cleared out to a crisp sunny day with a blue sky and streaks of clouds. I'm not going to celebrate until I get my grades back, though -- the professors' deadline for getting them in is Thursday.

Tomorrow I go to meet my favorite (former) professor for dinner and present her and her partner with their wedding presents -- necklaces with stones I set. The professor's is an emerald surrounded by eight tiny sapphires, and her partner's is a sapphire surrounded by eight tiny emeralds -- the professor's favorite color is blue and her partner's is green.

On Tuesday callicrates and I go home and spoil the purr out of some kitties. At this point I don't know what I will be doing next other than spoiling callicrates and kitties.
Tags: graduation, oswego from the inside
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