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Week 15 Update, Spring

Classes are over. I turned in a 4-page paper for linguistics, an 11-page paper in food and identity, and a short story, a reflection on the short story, and a literary review in Tolkien. I got Mother's Day flowers from Andy, Heidi, and Sean!

I have a 12-page paper due in feminist theory on Tuesday, an 8-pager due in linguistics on Thursday, my journal entries for this semester due on Thursday, and my Tolkien exam at 8am on Thursday and my feminist theory exam at 10:30am on Thursday. Andy arrives Thursday evening, and we'll be shipping things on Friday. We also have a picnic with my feminist theory class on Friday and a torchlight ceremony Friday night. Graduation is bright and early on Saturday morning (8:15 for us to line up, 9:00 for the ceremony), and I have to be out of the dorm by 6pm Saturday.

Time to go work on some papers.
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