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Week 14 Update, Spring

And we're now entering on our final stretch (not the royal "we", but in terms of Oswego students). This is the last week of classes, and for two of my courses without finals, the very last week.

As might be expected, I'm a bit swamped; in fact I'm currently procrastinating on finishing the third take-home test for linguistics. Once that is finished I have a 4-6 pager due on Thursday.

On Tuesday we're having a final feast in senior seminar. I went to Pamela's house on Saturday and baked a midnight chocolate cake as my contribution. I also have my 10-15 page paper due.

On Thursday we're having a Hobbit Feast in Tolkien. I baked cookies at Pamela's for that. I modified a recipe for cookies we usually make at Christmas called snow caps. They're basically meringues, but for this I purposely flopped them so they don't have points, and I'm calling them mushroom cap cookies. Along with the cookies I need to turn in a short story I wrote, a reaction piece about writing the story, and a six-page literature review.

Finally, in feminist theory we're having normal classes, with journals due on Thursday. I've sort of let those lapse since we last handed them in, so remembering what we discussed in class should be fun.

Saturday was fun. Pamela did a lot of the baking, but I'm not complaining. We got to see her sugar gliders (Gizmo and Widget), and Widget even walked on my hand. My mom also came up and the three of us had lunch before I caught the bus back to Oswego. The driver was disappointed that I hadn't brought the food to pass around on the bus ;).
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