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Week 13 Update, Spring

Andy's visit was wonderful, if brief. He got a lot of compliments by my classmates for how knowledgeable he was; one said he should have been guest teaching the class that day. He was also able to accompany me to the school's grad fair, where I got my cap and gown and got tickets for friends and family to come to the graduation, as well as ordering a class ring and graduation announcements and photos. Since Andy was there, they took photos of just me and with the two of us together. We decided today to order one of the single photos and get a picture of us done at a point where he can dress up more. I've wanted a family portrait with us and the kitties done for a while; maybe this will finally be the impetus we need.

I survived the facilitations, which ended up happening on both Tuesday and Thursday. As far as I can tell, our group covered everything we needed to. Andy came with me to do the poster session on Quest Day, which is a day off from classes wherein students show off what they've been learning via posters and programs, and speakers, including faculty, have talks. The Astronaut ice cream I gave out evoked many amusing reactions, but I went through five packets of the stuff. I also got through my presentation for linguistics and I believe I acquitted myself favorably. I have no idea how much credit I got for it. We went out to dinner with my feminist theories professor, and she said that I need not be worried that I'll fail the class.

I also had a dream on Thursday night which was so coherent that I wrote it into a 1 1/2 page short story on Friday. Perhaps I could have made better use of my time, but it's good to have done one again after years of writing nothing at all.

It's hard to believe that Andy will be back here in three weeks for graduation. I also have to keep reminding myself that graduation may not happen if I don't get into gear and finish all of the papers and such that I have to do. The one looming over me at the moment is a 6-8 page rough draft for feminist theory due tomorrow at 5pm and not very far along, though I do have an annotated bibliography and an approved proposal for it. That being said, it's probably time to get back to working on said rough draft.
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