Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Week 12 Update, Spring

This week was somewhat calm, which is overall a good thing. I got back a B+ on a feminism journal and an 88 on a linguistics essay. On Thursday I went to the annual Pride Alliance banquet and I had a great time talking with two professors from a different department and with my feminism professor, who was invited along at the last minute by the keynote speaker. I didn't realize it, but the Pride Alliance gives out rainbow tassels for seniors to wear at graduation, so now I have one. On Friday I participated in the day of silence, as noted in a separate post.

This week is going to be busy. Andy arrives at about 8:15pm Monday, and will be here through Saturday. In the meantime I have a class facilitation on Tuesday, a poster for senior seminar (aka food and identity) during which I'll be giving out astronaut ice cream samples on Wednesday, and a presentation on Thursday for linguistics. After class, Andy and I are going out to dinner with my feminism professor.

On Friday we plan on heading back to Syracuse to stay at with Pamela, and Andy will probably need to be at the airport somewhere between one and two for his flight home. This time saying goodbye won't be quite so hard; he'll be back on May 13th for graduation on the 15th. If I survive this coming week and the week when all of the ten-twelve page papers are due.
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