Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Weeks 10-11 Update, Spring

I appear to have gotten into the habit of finishing and handing in assignments early, by virtue of forgetting they've been postponed. While it's good in theory, I don't want my professors to get spoiled ;). Or, worse yet, to expect me to get things done at anything except for the very last minute.

I have three 10-page papers looming for the end of the semester, though for the food and identity one (Food in Science Fiction) I have six pages done already. After I finish the last little bit and two complete journal entries for feminism today I need to decide what order to do the 10-pagers in, and how to fit in the various drafts and smaller papers and projects in between. One thing I need to get done in the next week or so is a poster for food and identity summarizing my paper. I'm slightly worried about that one since I have no artistic ability whatsoever.

Speaking of a week or so, Andy is coming to visit! He'll be arriving on the 19th and attending three of my four classes on Tuesday and Thursday (the feminism professor asked that he not audit her course. It's not an anti-guy thing (we have three guys in our class), but she has asked people not taking the course to stop dropping in). He may also attend the poster session; I only just found out it was happening during his visit and haven't mentioned it to him yet.

I spent Easter with my mom and sister at my aunt, uncle, and cousin's house. It was nice to see them again, and I even managed to get their traumatized rescue dog, Chloe (a gorgeous Australian Shepherd) to let me pet her. The past two times haven't worked out too well since I tend to wear black by default, and the slime that abused her also wore black. This time I made sure to wear white and light gray.
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