Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Week 9 Update, Spring

I survived the week!

On Tuesday I found out the annotated bibliography wasn't due (my professor taunted me since I'd emailed a copy to her already), but that turned out being just as well because she hadn't clarified something and I had, of course, gone with the wrong guess. We also got back our paper proposals in feminist theory, and I spent this morning revising it, taking her comments into consideration. She wasn't sure of my primary source (we needed a primary, at least eight scholarly (we'll only need six for the final paper, but she wanted us to do eight so we'd have room to lose one or two), and at least one critical text from this semester), so I picked a few more pages to give her.

In my food and identity course (aka senior seminar) I handed in my paper proposal. I'm hoping to do my paper on food in science fiction, using a variety of sources from different years -- including Soylent Green, which we watched in class. Since I'm not sure I could get ten pages from what I have (and have time to read), I also proposed to look at where science fiction food has come to pass. I figure since she asked where the stakes were in my annotated bibliography, that this would give her some. I'm discussion leader in class on Tuesday, and someone else signed up for the same day (without asking beforehand). I've read the assignment and have a pretty good idea what I want to say, but I need to find out what she's planning. Mutter grumble smurf.

I still haven't handed in my do-over exam in theory of language. I'm fairly convinced that I don't need more time so much as a brain transplant. He did encourage those of us who were doing it over to hand it in, though, so I'll hopefully get something cobbled together by Tuesday.

The first aspect of what will be a literary review was due on Thursday for Tolkien class. I wrote to the professor and asked her how much of a hit I would take in my grade if I handed it in late, and she wrote back that it was ok to do so on Tuesday with no penalty. Thank goodness for small mercies. It turned out that excerpting The Hobbit was taking much longer than I had realized. Part of it was because I was writing out the summaries in longhand. I suspect another reason was that I wasn't cutting out enough. Anyway, the reading is over, people liked my garb, and another guy in class (who often wears a kilt) dressed up as well. Unfortunately due to stupidity on my part Andy couldn't read via Skype, but I've already said maybe next year (she wants this to become an annual thing) Andy and I can both Skype in and read some. Oh, and midterm on Tuesday. Heaven help me.
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