Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Weeks 7-8 Update, Spring

It's been a whirlwind the past two weeks, with the most recent past being spring break in Albuquerque. I did not finish any of the homework I brought home, though I did catch up right before spring break. Hopefully I can get some of it finished tomorrow.

Hobbit reading is this Thursday (the Shire new year). I will be summarizing the parts in between what my classmates read, which will be interesting since some haven't yet decided what they'll be reading other than chapters, most of which are too long to be read by one person, or even two. We're each supposed to be reading for about ten minutes, which seems to be coming down to five or so pages in the instructor's really nice hardbound 50th anniversary edition of _The Hobbit_. I imagine I'll end up reading more than ten minutes' worth, plus I've been put in charge of coordinating my classmates' reading... maybe she'll forgive me some of the exams for the extra work I'm putting in. Or something.

I have tomorrow off, and on Tuesday three nasties are due -- take-home exam redo, annotated bibliography, and paper proposal. Wish me luck! And pray for me/send good thoughts/whatever.

Andy is the best husband ever, and I already miss him. It was so nice having a week with him, though I'm really wishing winter break had been a week shorter and spring break had been a week longer.
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