Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Week 4 Update, Spring

Things are beginning to ramp up. This past week four papers were assigned; three major projects due at the end of the semester; one smaller paper due on Thursday. There are also at least two midterms in the not-too-distant future. The tradeoff for the midterms is good, though: spring break. I'll be going home to visit Andy and the kitties. Even though I'm going to be buried in the aforementioned not-too-distant future, I'm looking forward to three weeks from now when I'll hopefully be home.

We played the first Changeling LARP of the year. Santa didn't quite die, and we're all on his naughty list -- especially the changeling who was impersonating him (an NPC). Also, our autumn king switched out his character for another, so now there's a power struggle going on with the two guys who tied with the highest mantles. Meanwhile, something is going on with Oswego's cats, who are all very interested in the apartments being built on campus. Or rather, someone who broke into the construction in progress.

Earlier tonight I got email from my feminism professor. We had been discussing an idea for my project, which I'm thinking of doing on micro-loans. It turns out that the guy who invented them (and received the Nobel Prize for doing so) is going to be speaking in Syracuse on Tuesday. Provided the weather cooperates, my sister will hopefully be coming here to pick me up after my last class on Tuesday. The plan is for me to go to the talk and then spend the night at her place, and she'll drive me back to Oswego on Wednesday after she gets out of work.

My mom had surgery on the 18th in Syracuse and is convalescing at Pamela's house, so I'll be able to keep her company during the day on Weds. Plus I'll finally get to meet Pamela's newest family member, a sugar glider named Gizmo. And I'm going to owe my sister a lot of Jim Dandies from Friendly's.
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