Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Week 2 Update, Spring

The big news was mentioned in my birthday post -- I've dropped a course so I'm down to four. I find it amusing that the one course which I was only taking for fun is now fulfilling the requirement for the class I dropped. Tolkien to the rescue!

Speaking of the Tolkien class, one of the things the professor does is has us read aloud from The Hobbit on Shire new year, which is March 25th. She makes an event of it, taking out ads in the student newspaper and so on and having students volunteer to bring snacks. She encourages wearing costumes. One problem is that there aren't enough students in the class to read the whole book, so she has asked us to recruit friends and such. I asked if the recruitees needed to be affiliated with the university, and she said nope -- she even suggested that I set up Skype and have callicrates read remotely. Another student has a fifteen year-old who's crazy for Tolkien and likes dressing up, so she may recruit her daughter.

Things are relatively quiet in the other courses for now, though I expect an explosion in the not-to-distant future. All of the classes have daunting lists for what needs to be achieved for the semester, so I'm trying to stay ahead of it a bit, but only expecting my efforts to defray the overwhelming by a small fraction.
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