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The song for today is less what I'm listening to and more a comment on recent weather. It was hot and very muggy, but not even a tease of possible rain. Oh well, the first tropical storm of the season finally formed (hurricane season, for those who don't live around here, is officially June 1st through November 30th), perhaps as more storms form, we'll get our usual drenching. Just so long as the hurricane doesn't actually come near us I'll be happy ;).

I got e-mail today from our next door neighbor with the subject line "Auntie Cat on duty this weekend?". She was asking me if I wanted to care for their kitty, Jewel, while they attend a wedding. I just love being considered Jewel's aunt -- tee-hee, or something.

Speaking of giggling, after yesterday's Sluggy, how many people think Leah Abrams must be at the peek-a-boo stage? Aylee was very cute in the "Where's our little Aylee?" panel. Anyway, I took a "Which Sluggy Character Are You?" test and came up as Sasha. While I like her, I have to wonder if I'm missing something -- Andy is about as un-Riff-like as you can get. For starters, the stuff he builds works ;).

I just thought I heard thunder, then quickly realized that it's some idiot driving through the parking lot with his car stereo turned up so loud that the bass is downright fuzzy. I wonder if these hot shots realize how much better their music (though I hesitate to call it that in most cases) would sound if they played it at a range which their speakers could handle?

Other than some whining there's nothing much else to report. The kitties were cute today, Andy's at school as usual, the sun rose (and did it ever), etc. To quote Monty Python "We'll be back the moment anything interesting happens".
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