Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Week 0 Update, Spring

Not really much of a week, since the dorm technically didn't re-open until today, but just to keep things symmetrical with last semester, here is my "moving back in" update. The plane rides were full of delays and such, and I didn't get into SYR until a little after 22:00. Pamela and Christian picked me up, and Pamela had chicken over rice in the oven for the three of us. Yum!

Today she drove me back to Oswego and also met someone from Craigslist to buy a sugar glider cage. She fell head-over-heels for the one a co-worker got, and is hoping to get one herself. She even has a video of the co-worker's glider with the unique clicking sound they make. I hope it works out for her.

Getting back into the dorm was painless; unlike the fall session my ID card worked to open the doors as soon as I got here, but then again I wasn't trying to move in early this time. I had a bit of a surprise to discover there was a new RA. She seems nice. I hope she doesn't expect this floor to be too social -- last semester I was quite happy with the level of socializing, which hovered somewhere around 0%.

MOLL*E, aka robo-kitty, was happy to have company again. Andy said the kitties at home have been velcro since he got back from driving me to the airport. I already miss all three something fierce.

This semester I have one class on MWF, and four classes on T/TH. I may drop one of the T/TH courses if the load seems to be overwhelming me too much, but the one elective and the one extra course seem to be interesting.

To graduate, I need three courses. Two are required by name, "Junior Seminar" and "Senior Seminar". The other one needs to come from the theory courses. I'm currently signed up for the seminars plus two theories: Language Theory and Feminist Theory. The hard part is that each theory course is taught by one of my two favorite professors from last semester. One has even told me that if I end up not taking her course, she'll forgive me -- not right away, but eventually. She was definitely kidding, but I also know several of my classmates, and from the make-up it sounds like the course is going to be a lot of fun. The other of the courses is about a topic I find fascinating, I know the professor and enjoyed being in the Sophomore Seminar he taught. The final course is one not required in any way whatsoever, but it's about Tolkien, so I really want to take it.

That's about it. I have a little unpacking and a bunch of little things (like setting the time on my alarm clock and such) to do before the hall meeting at 7. I hope the hall meeting is short so I can catch up on sleep.
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