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Week 14 Update, Fall

On Thursday I turned in the paper I was angsting over so much. I've gotten back two grades this week, a C (cringe) in my second essay for literary criticism and an A- on a test for Gothic literature. Actually, it may have been three, depending on what I reported last time. I got an A- on a paper for sophomore seminar and found out my current average for the course is A.

I'm currently working on my 8-10 page paper for Asian theatre, and theoretically working on a three-page paper for Gothic lit and four and six-page papers for sophomore seminar. The disclaimers: The theatre paper is not due until Friday, but I'd like a chance to have the professor look it over at least once more before then. She has said she'll look over as many drafts as she gets. The four page paper is due on Thursday, and the six-page paper is due on exam day for the class. We really only need to expand upon one of the four-pagers turned in over the semester for the six-pager, not write six pages from scratch.

In other news, the last session of the LARP for this semester happened. For those who are familiar with Changeling, this will make more sense; it turns out Santa is a true Fae and we had to fight him in the dream realm. Meanwhile, a leprechaun NPC changeling was beating up charity bell-ringer Santas because he claimed that all instances of Santa strengthen the true Fae. And we had to keep a ton of sleepwalking children from entering into the hedge, which led to a few police run-ins. Fun times. Maybe I should start keeping track of the LARP on my LJ for gaming.
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