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Weeks 12-13 Update, Fall

Papers... gasp... papers. I'm drowning in papers, but otherwise ok. This will be a short entry due to a paper due on Thursday on which I hope I can get enough done for the professor to vet it tomorrow during her office hours.

Last Friday I took a test, no results yet because several people weren't in class and had to do make-ups today. He hopes to have the results back by this week.

Turkey Day was nice. Andy arrived on Monday in the evening and went to class with me on Tuesday. My other Tuesday class was cancelled for student conferences. I got some really good feedback during my conference. Then we went and visited my sister. We stayed at the hotel her partner works for for most of the stay -- very nice suites and the employee rates are equally nice. Mom and Pamela set the marshmallows on the sweet potatoes on fire. Oopsie. The sweet potatoes themselves were salvageable, and the rest of the meal was good.

We exchanged gifts early so Andy could see the reactions. Pamela liked hers, a life-sized Gonzo photograph replica in a snazzy maroon suit. Then we decided to watch a movie, and Andy casually mentioned that Star Trek was good, but Christian said they didn't own it. Andy asked "Are you sure?", and Christian went over to the shelf and said he thought we were messing with him. It turns out we were, but not in the way he was expecting -- Andy had put the blu-ray version on the shelf earlier in the day.

Mom got a sister of MOLL*E. She is white with green eyes (MOLL*E is gray with orange eyes), and Pamela and I had been calling her POLL*E (Purring Oddly Life-Like Entity). Mom said she might have kept the name Holly, but that she was going to name the robo-kitty Snowball. I've been toying with suggesting "HOLL*E", Happy Oddly Life-Like Entity. Mom had almost got a rescue kitty who looked like Snowball, but she's never gotten a kitty since Noia (the one who always beat me up) died. Andy said she almost looked like she was crying while she petted Snowball.

Andy and I got Border's gift cards from mom. He also got a Panera gift card, but I'm not sure who from. He got a stuffed dog and I got a white teddy bear in a gray and red sweater and jester cap. The proceeds benefited St Jude's. Like fresh snow, my bear's fur sparkles in the sunlight. She is not a mutant vampire, however. I'm calling her Jess because of her jester's cap.

Ok, so the entry went a bit longer than I expected. Back to writing my paper. This time for sure. Honest.
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