Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Week 9 Update, Fall

Oopsie, I forgot to post yesterday. This week was mostly spent coughing. I went to student health on Monday and was diagnosed with sinus infection. I was given antibiotics and an expectorant. Meanwhile, in the classes I attended people tended to ask if I was going to live. I had two essays due, neither of which I've gotten back yet. I also had a test in Gothic lit. Since I'm writing this a day late, I can report the grade: 18 1/2 out of 20, for my first A. I also got an A- on the essay for Gothic lit.

There was an early trick-or-treat held on the 24th. I had signed up to give out candy, but skipped due to my cough. Since I hadn't been to student health yet I didn't know if the cough was contagious.

On Halloween we had our second Changeling LARP session. I changed out my character for one with a better backstory and whom I almost completely generated. I'm waiting for Andy's and my copy of Changeling to arrive before I finish it; with only four books total and >4 people making characters, it was a complicated getting book time.
Tags: oswego from the inside
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