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Week 8 Update, Fall

I got back my Asian theatre exam on Monday or Wednesday; 171 out of 200. Not as high as I might want, but better than expected. I also got a care package from Tom and Emily, Andy's parents. There was a photo of his dad with his MGs, an adorable little bear, a letter, and candy. I'd planned on participating in the safe trick or treating hosted by the various dorms on campus, but ended up being unable to.

The big news for last week was my being sick. I don't think I had a fever and I had no aches, so I don't think it was the flu, h1n1 or otherwise. Aside from a bit of a sore throat on Monday and a runny nose, the only symptom I had was a hacking cough. It's probably just a cold, but the tenaciousness and the intensity of the cough has Andy worried, so I'll be going to the health center tomorrow to have it checked out.

For this coming week I have my second test in Gothic American lit, and papers for criticism on Tuesday and genre on Thursday. Hopefully all of the time I've lost being sick (I slept through Saturday) won't cause too much of a problem, though I am somewhat panicking over the crit paper; I've been so busy chasing down stuff for the third essay that I'm not as far along on the second as I should be. That being said, time to get back to writing.
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