Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Week 5 Update, Fall

The essay due Thursday was pushed back until Tuesday due to lack of discussion posts about it. I'm hoping I can come up with 3-5 pages tomorrow, after floundering and doing basic research on Shelley's life and the times in which he wrote "Ode to the West Wind".

I've not yet gotten back the first essay for literary criticism, but I got back my Poe test -- only 17 1/2 out of 20, for a B+. Bah.

Weather-wise, it was getting colder at the end of September, and it's been rainy most of this past week. I was so cold the night of September 30th that I almost put the blankets on my bed (right now I have sheets and the quilt which Andy's mom made and which my sister graciously lent me for the school year). On October 1st they turned on the heat, and I've been fine with the window open since then.

Fewer than 12 days until Andy gets here! I'm so looking forward to seeing him again.
Tags: oswego from the inside
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