Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Week 4 Update, Fall

I turned in the essay which was giving me such angst on Tuesday. No grade yet. Likewise I took a test on Friday, so obviously no grade yet. Although we spent a whole class period in sophomore seminar discussing what to write about in the essay due next Thursday in that class, I still have no idea what to write about. So much for essay angst being over.

For fun this weekend I decided to try my first time in a LARP -- in Changeling, a game system I'd never played before. I played Vampire (tabletop, not LARP) my first time at Oswego, so somewhere between 17 and 20 years ago, which means I remember very little of the overall WoD theme, even before all of the revisions it's undergone since then. It was sort of neat; about half of the time was spent in chargen, and my character still isn't done. I'm waffling between finishing her and running her in the next session or starting over with what I've learned in the first session.

It's sort of neat seeing how the gaming club is now. When we founded it way back then it was not a Student Association (SA) approved/funded group. It was more of an informal place for gamers to meet and greet than anything. Now it's called Storyteller's Guild (STG) and is fully sanctioned by SA. Among other things this means the meetings are more formalized than they used to be. Another side effect is that we were allowed to use rooms in the student center (which didn't exist the last time I was here) for the game. We had three rooms; one was OOC, the other two were for the various scenes going on. We also took over the hallway and one of the little nooks.

I have a family reunion in two weeks, and Andy will be visiting the weekend after. I can't wait to see him again.
Tags: oswego from the inside
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