Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Week 3 Update, Fall

A bit late, but oh well.

Since I'm already a fair bit into week 4, some of what happened in week 3 is fading in my memory, or mingling with other weeks. The weather was sunny for the most part, yet nice and cool, sometimes even chilly, which I love. Some of the trees haven't begun changing but most have at least a few token non-green leaves. One or two are fully changed and about as many are already changed and losing leaves.

Classes are classes. Essays and tests are pouring on, and the first essay for literary criticism was extended last Tuesday so that the second draft was due then, and the final essay was due today. While I don't think I did very well, at least it's over. Since this is technically stuff about week 4 I'll stop now so I have something to write about, hopefully on Saturday or Sunday instead of sometime in the middle of week 5.
Tags: oswego from the inside
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