Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Week 1 Update, Fall

On Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays I have Asian Theatre and the 19th Century American Novel. The former should be pretty self-explanatory, while I squeed in a previous post about the novel course concentrating on Gothic literature, including Poe.

One of the requirements for the novel course was a presentation, and I decided to give the first one offered, on Poe's biography. I gave the presentation on Friday. I don't know the grade for it yet, but the professor smiled a few times when I hit on certain points and, in his followup, said "Like Cat said" several times, which I think bodes well. While I still have essays and such to write for the class, I'm glad to have gotten the presentation out of the way early. Not only does it lift the weight of having to give it off of my shoulders, but also I don't have to worry if another student sets the bar high.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have Sophomore Seminar on genres and Literary Criticism. Both of them seem intimidating at the moment, and I feel really out of place in the seminar since emphasis is on us getting to know one another as English majors in the same year. I'm wondering if I should ask for alternate courses to the sophomore and junior seminars (there is no senior seminar yet; I'm expecting it will be introduced next year) since they're specifically for groups which I don't fall into. I'll probably mention it when talking to my adviser on Wednesday to get my declaration of minor signed.

I had thought I had seen the last of the online course stuff when I finished the summer course, but it turns out that the university is encouraging professors to make use of it, and at least one of mine, the Sophomore Seminar one, has embraced it big time. I'm currently procrastinating making my first post on a discussion in the online system. I have a hard deadline of 11:59 on the 7th, so it'll be done soon enough.

At least two of my courses involve papers in which the professor will be checking up by requiring bibliography and drafts handed in before the paper itself. Tomorrow I'm going to avail myself of the day off to chart when those things are due and see what overlap, if any, there are with the major projects and with lesser essays and such for the other courses.
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