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For Those Who Knew Ray Hall

When I was visiting friends in Rome in preparation for attending Oswego, one of them mentioned that she'd seen an unpaid death notice about a person named Raymond Hall who was Ray's age, with scant further information. I had his Rome phone number, where his (grand)father still lives, memorized, so I called and found out it was our Ray. Unfortunately his father is very hard to understand, so I couldn't get much information.

When we got to another friend's house we looked up on his facebook account, and his niece had posted about his death. What we do know, from the unpaid notice and the niece's post, is that he died in his apartment on July 24, 2009. They're still awaiting results of an autopsy. If anyone who knew him wants further information as I get it, please let me know. Please also let me know if you want to relay any information to his family.
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