Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Week 0 Update, Fall

I have no idea if I'll actually be updating weekly, but just in case I'll number updates for now.

Our flights to Syracuse were mercifully boring; the luggage arrived when we did, etc. Since we weren't shipping any guitars we didn't need to worry about the airline breaking anything.

We spent the first night at my sister's house in Syracuse, then went to Rome to meet some friends. It was the first time any of them had met Andy, and he fit in just fine. We did get some sad news, though: a very dear friend from high school and beyond died in late July.

The next day we vegged while Mom was at work. After dinner we went out for ice cream with some friends whom Andy had met last time; a married couple whom I knew through Oswego, oddly enough. I had been in a dorm with the husband in my second-to-last year at college, where he was doing graduate work. It was fun, and ended up with us retreating to Dunkin Donuts when it got a bit chilly -- something unusual this time of year for us New Mexicans.

Thursday we headed back to Pamela's for a cookout and then loaded the llama-mobile as a proof-of-concept for the move. It turned out to be large enough that we were able to do it in one trip.

Friday was the move-in itself, and it went pretty well. There was no line at the ID office, so I got in and out with time to spare before anything else on campus opened. We ended up not needing the email I had printed out about the move-in date. Andy and Pamela brought most of the stuff in while I manned the door, which would not unlock with my ID card or with the key fob the front desk keeps for just such problems. Then we did a few runs to stores for odds, ends, and a bookshelf which doubles as a nightstand.

It was very sad when Andy and Pamela had to go. I kept trying to find reasons for them to stay, to no avail. And they really did need to leave since Andy had an early flight the next day and Pamela needed to drive him to the airport. But I do have Andy D. Bear and MOLL*E, so it's not quite so bad.
Tags: oswego from the inside
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