Cat (willowisp) wrote,

First Day Back

The day started with a fire alarm -- I guess they want to get them out of the way pronto. I just hope there isn't one tomorrow.

I had two classes today. The first is theatre of China, India, and Japan. I think the professor originally wanted to be an English teacher. The second is the 19th century American novel, and will be focusing on Gothic, especially Poe. Squee!

My interview with the head of the theatre department went well. He determined that so long as I pass the Asian theatre course, I already have the minor. I'll be getting a waiver for the practical experience course, but I had so many leftover theatre courses that I'll make up the one credit hour easily. Now I just need to get the adviser from my major to sign off on it.

I ran into my former choir professor while in the music/theatre building. She recognized me, and told me she's no longer directing choir; she's a dean now.

Tomorrow I have my other two courses, plus a theatre major/minor meeting in the evening. I'm seriously considering auditioning for the first play of the year. He also needs a stage manager, but I'm not sure I could pull that off. Maybe if I don't get a part (or even if I do and it's a fairly limited one) I'll help backstage somehow.
Tags: oswego from the inside
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