Cat (willowisp) wrote,

The Penultimate Day

Today Andy and I went for dinner at The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant just down the street. It's expensive, but wonderful for special occasions. This was a double-duty occasion, saying goodbye for me and early birthday for him. As usual the service was excellent, as was the food. The staff gave Andy a birthday card and me a "bon voyage" one -- one of them even drew a picture of a sailboat. I would say I'm going to miss the place, but I'll be home for the next special occasion we usually spend there.

After we got home I took a nap, and then we re-watched Pixar's Cars. It's neither my favorite nor Andy's, but we agree it's probably the funniest. We caught Sean twice contemplating knocking our water glass/can over. He hadn't done it for years, then recently he did so to a guest. Silly kitty and his drinking problem. Heidi has been a Velcro kitty for the past few days -- I think she knows something is up.

I've spent the past few days packing, re-packing, and re-re-packing, in between pacing around. I'm anxious and half-wanting to call the whole thing off. Not likely, since we've already paid tuition and made all the flight arrangements, but part of me wonders if I cry enough if Andy would let me stay home. He says those kind of jitters are usual. I suppose it's true, though in my original whirl at college I was eager to get there.

A couple days ago Andy got himself an Andy-cam which is mounted on his monitor. I can still move the Foo cam around to where he's sitting, but in most cases I'd be seeing the back of his head. Not so with Andy-cam. When we talk to each other via Skype we'll be able to see each other, too -- my main computer at school is his former laptop, a Mac, with the built-in camera.

We leave for Syracuse, NY, on Monday. The plan is to hang out with/introduce Andy to friends still in upstate NY, though we don't have anything solid yet. As noted in earlier entries I'll be moving into the dorm on Friday (I printed out the email to that effect and will have it with me, just in case). On Monday I meet with the head of the theatre department to chat about my minor. I'm actually a bit nervous, even though I took several classes from him and even assistant directed for him the first time I was in college.

There is still a bit of packing to do, including padding out the suitcase with the electronics and such. I also need to pack up the laptop, but that will be the last thing we do. And we (though, truth be told, it will almost certainly be Andy) have to figure out how to get around the fact that the school-mandated anti-virus program hates Time Machine, the backup generator.

I think that's all for now, save running around doing Muppet arms and saying "aggle aggle aggle". And hugging the stuffing out of Andy and the kitties while I still have a chance.

Oh, one last thing -- I found out today that I got an "A" in my summer course. I had been worried it would be an "A-", but thankfully Andy was correct on that count when he said it would be an "A".
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