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Possible Complication

Recently a bunch of Oswego students fell for phishing scams and gave a bunch of spammers their passwords. This has resulted in Oswego getting on a bunch of blacklists. Apparently this includes the account my mail is forwarding to until I move into my dorm. This explains how I missed some important mail dated August 6th which I didn't see until today. Unfortunately because it's Sunday I can't call to fix it right away. Since the situation is laid out in the email I sent to housing, I'm just including the text of the email behind the cut.

Hello. My name is (Legal.Name), and my student number is (#########). I am technically a returning student, but under some unusual circumstances -- I last attended Oswego in 1993.

Up until recently my move-in date in has been August 28th, a Friday. I called in late July or early August to make sure this was correct; I believe I spoke with (Name). Upon hearing that I'd been away for 16 years, she assured me the move-in date would be the 28th, so among other things I could get my student ID and get re-acquainted with campus.

On August 6th I got email from reslife but my spam trap caught it and I didn't see it until today. It said that returning students could not move in before August 30th, and when I checked myhousing the move-in date had changed to the 30th.

Is there any way I could move in on the 28th as originally stated? I had already made plane reservations from my home in Albuquerque, NM, based on the earlier dates, and my husband was supposed to go home on the 29th after helping me move in. Also, campus has changed significantly since I attended, and I had hoped to use the weekend to get reacquainted. Finally, since the 30th is a Sunday, I believe the student ID office will be closed, and I've been told I couldn't check in without one.

Thank you in advance for any help. I'm looking forward to returning to Oswego and finally getting my degree.

-Cat (Johnson (when it was all female) and Pathfinder (when it was open) alumnus, slated to move into (this year's dorm))

I'll phone them tomorrow before we leave for the airport if they haven't replied yet. I'm not sure what we'll do if they decide not to make the exception for me -- I don't even want to think of the change fees for the airplane ticket(s).
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