Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Reporting From Indiana

Andy and I got to Indianapolis via blessedly boring flights. The biggest issue was some turbulence, but it was no worse than driving on a bumpy road. His parents met us at the airport and we were in time to see most of the quarterfinals.

On Friday we had lunch with his maternal grandmother, aka Grandma. She brought over a lot of interesting stuff to show us, including a picture of Andy's barn. Well, it *does* say "Andy" right on it. She also brought over a photo she'd posed for at a studio, and we managed to cadge a wallet-size copy for Andy and me, his sister, and his parents.

Last night were the semi-finals and tonight was the final competition. My favorite ended up eleventh of the top twelve -- I think they got robbed. Tomorrow we will see Andy's maternal grandmother, aka Grandmother, and his aunt and uncle. I'm looking forward to seeing all three since none of them could make it to the reunion last weekish.

We'll be returning home on Monday. I'll have a few days to write my final paper for the online course, and maybe get in a few more replies on the discussion (I posted two tonight). Thank goodness I turned in the quiz early. It gives unlimited tries, so if I find a definitive answer to that last question which is different than what I finally guessed at, I can submit a correction.

I can't wait to see Heidi and Sean again, but we have a Foo cam again, and we found a good placement for us which allows us to see them more often than we could last week. Once I go back to Oswego it will also count as an Andy-cam so I can see him, too.
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