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Summer Days, Drifting Away

It's been a busy day following a sleepless night. I've been doing tons of laundry and baked two banana breads (one for the flight(s) tomorrow, and one to freeze for Andy to eat while I'm away). We still need to pack for tomorrow's trip as well. We're going to visit Andy's parents in Indianapolis and watch the Drum Corps International (DCI) championships. It's neat watching the performances these very dedicated young people put on.

The final module of my summer course began on the 1st and wraps up on the 14th. I've already posted at least one discussion point and sent in my quiz (no cheering; I was all-out faking it on half of the last answer). All that's left is a paper which requires three sources besides the textbook and which isn't nearly as much fun as the "pretending to attend a day at the Globe Theatre" one. While I'll probably go to all of the DCI events, I may need to bow out of some of the other planned stuff, like Harry Potter in IMAX. I've already seen it this past weekend on a normal screen, so giving it a miss won't be cheating myself out of too much.

Once we get back it's even more crunch time with the paper and trying to get together with several people before I take off on the 24th for the first semester. I also have some medical stuff to tie up or at least put on hold. I'm looking forward to studentbane's game meeting to resume the Victorian/Cthulu storyline, albeit some twenty years after the initial campaign. We're hoping to find a way in which I can participate while away at school.

On a completely different note, please send good thoughts and/or prayers for my friend denyse. She's due in a week, but her husband and now she came down with what may be a virus known for killing late-term babies. They won't know if it's the virus or just a mimic for three days.
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