Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Minor Development

The first time I went to Oswego I was double-majoring in education and theatre. As previously noted, I'm going back as an English major. Meanwhile, I thought it was a horrible waste to just ignore all of the theatre courses I had taken, and it ended up that my two final general education requirements were going to be met with theatre courses. In that light, I've been looking into getting a theatre double-major again, or at least a minor.

As it turns out, finishing the theatre major would require too many classes to fit into one school year. As far as I could tell a minor was doable, but I wanted to hear it from someone who is actually qualified to determine that, so I contacted the theatre department. After a few near misses with email and phone calls, the professor in charge of minors called today when I was home and awake.

We've pretty much determined that I need three upper-level courses to get the minor, and one of them I already have scheduled for this coming semester. Another was taken care of by an interpretation course I took, leaving one class. The biggest question now is what would make me the most marketable (her words) or what would be the most fun (mine). She told me how to declare the minor, so I'll do so when I get on campus. Meanwhile, the one course I was worried about is a practical experience one-credit jobber. At some point I mentioned that I'd assistant directed a play directed by the guy who's now department head. Problem solved. I just need to have an informal chat with the advisor and the department head, again when I get to Oswego this fall.

The fact that I need one course also solves a problem I'd had with the second semester; I only needed three courses for my major, but you need four to be a full-time student. What with needing exactly one theatre course, this becomes a non-issue. In other news, the course which I'm taking over the summer is a renumbered course I'd already taken. If I had been taking it strictly for theatre I would have been grumpy, but I still need it for my gen ed requirement, so it's all good.
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