Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Apocalypse in 3... 2... 1...

So, after hearing more and more about cool guests at DragonCon (D*C), Terry Gilliam finally tipped the meter enough that I went and checked out the site. There I discovered even more cool guests than I'd known about. As I was talking about it with Andy he suggested I try pricing it out, just for the heck of it.

Darned if I didn't take him up on it. As in, figuring out airfare, hotel, transportation, and the cost to get in the door(s) of the con. This is not to say I'm going, but even getting as far as planning is pretty out there for me. Heck, the one year I was living in Atlanta when D*C was going on, I chickened out of attending.

Among the reasons not to go, some are:

  1. Andy would not be coming along. He'll be all traveled out by the time September rolls around.
  2. Big crowds -- four hotels plus some seven overspills are sold out, and they'd all be in those four hotels in the daytime.
  3. I would just have moved into my dorm the week before.
  4. A lot of overstimulation in the form of noise, things to see, and other things which tend to make me start dissociating.
  5. The hotel I would stay at is 25 minutes away by MARTA.
  6. There is no reason #6.
  7. Even though it's not as expensive as I'd imagined, it still is a significant amount of money.
  8. I have no idea how close I would get to any of the guests I would be going to see.
  9. No Weird Al.
  10. Did I mention noisy crowds?

And, some of the reasons to go include:

  1. Patrick Stewart. Terry Gilliam. Leonard Nimoy. Claudias Black and Christian. Peter Jurasik and Stephen Furst. Leslie Fish. And so on.
  2. I might run into and/or actively meet up with a friend or two. I know one person who is definitely going and another who was leaning toward going, last I saw.
  3. I would be doing something well outside my comfort level.
  4. Andy would be proud of me.

So anyway, unless I get a lot more reasons to go (like, say, Weird Al being added to the guest list) and not many more reasons not to, this was all just an exercise in wishful thinking. Still, it's further along than I take most of my wishful thinking.
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