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We Are the Champions

Thanks to everyone who replied to my post of June 8th. I was able to track down all but three of the books and used them as references. I also managed to incorporate information from esmerel and studentbane's write-ups in. Sadly, LJ comments weren't approved sources, but with the write-ups for starters, I was able to find mentions thereof in the references I did find.

The paper got 100/100 points, with the comment "I love this paper. It simply couldn't be better in my opinion. You have taken this assignment and run with it. This is right on the $ as far as the style and historical detail is concerned. You've done a fine job of seamlessly incorporating the historic facts into the story. Congrats.".

Thank you all again. I would've handed in a paper either way, but without all of your awesome recommendations it wouldn't have been nearly as thorough.
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