Cat (willowisp) wrote,

One of these days I'll learn. Even with the meds, there are some days when I tend to misinterpret things, and then I brood about them and things snowball and then Andy and I end up miserable. It's not always Andy who does it, but since he has to put up with me on a daily basis, he has to deal with whatever paranoid rant I have that day. Today was one such day, and it was him whom I misinterpreted. I also need to learn not to try to surprise him by doing housework and such, because a lot of times my misinterpretation is based on his reaction to a messy apartment.

On the good side, Andy was told to set a date for his defense. He's looking at the week of October 21st. He could actually be ready by late September, but due to his advisor's travel schedule, that will be the first time which allows him to finish without killing himself and also is good for his advisor. I'm also partially to blame, since he might have been able to go a week earlier if I hadn't already bought tickets to Syracuse for the weekend of my family's Christmas Eve celebration (long story).

He also learned some interesting news. A former UNC professor (now employed by NVidia), who had the decency not to just shove Andy off on the recruiters, went and discovered that NVidia is in a hiring freeze. It would have been nice if they told him that rather than saying he wasn't good enough, but I guess we can't have everything. We may end up having more than a month's vacation, though that may well be a good thing -- there's a lot of burnout damage which needs to be undone.

Anyway, today I did get the cleaning, dishes, and laundry done. I also doomed a team on Junkyard Wars retroactively on the simple expedient that I really wanted them to win. GNO was tonight, at Tanner and Janell's, though Janell wasn't there. Their son, Bram, is much quieter than my cousin's two year-old. Maybe Bram will be just as active when he hits his terrible twos -- I really don't know much about children despite having done my share of babysitting when I was a teenager.

I did a little pricing on the tape recorders for my Posterity Project idea. I found some which have voice enhancement, half-time recording for voice, and a bunch of other nice things. They're in the $30.00 range, which is about what I'd get general purpose tape recorders for at Wal-Mart, and they're Sony.

I re-discovered that when an online price is really good, it usually means that they gouge on shipping or they're a bait and switch outfit. Case in point: one place was advertising them for $24.00 (rounded up by a penny or two, as if I can't figure out that it's not 23 when followed by .98). I made as if I was purchasing four, which came out to roughly $96.00. Then I got the total for shipping, and the grand total was $141, more or less. Heck, for that shipping charge I could almost have had two more tape recorders, and the price of the four, when shipping was factored in, was $35.16 apiece. I did find another place whose shipping was a bit more sane; their recorders were $28 but with shipping factored in they come out to $30.41 apiece. I just hope that wasn't a mistake.

I still haven't gotten the pictures from this past weekend uploaded. Maybe now that I got the most pressing housework done I can try to get it done tomorrow. I also need to e-mail my family to nudge them on the Photo Album Project for Grandpa Pilny. If nothing else, I'd like to get a rough idea of how many pictures might be forthcoming so I can get an album which won't be vastly over or undersized. Maybe I'll just whip up a fast webpage and send the URL when I send them the URL for the most recent photos.

Fun fact of the day: LJ's spell checker was unhappy about "advisor", but not about "advisor's". I wonder what difference the possessive tense makes.
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