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I don't yet know my dorm assignment (the waiting is driving me nuts), but I do know that no matter which one I end up in, cats are not allowed. The first time I was in college mom took care of Thena and would drive up with her on weekends. Much as I would love to do the same with Heidi or Sean, it's just not feasible, and besides, they'll need each other while Andy's at work. So, in desperation, I sought online and found... robo-kitty. Robo-kitty looks quite real, meows, purrs, and moves its head and tail. While they originally came in three colors, they've been discontinued and the only one I could find was gray with golden-orange eyes. I had it shipped to my sister in Syracuse so she could hang on to it for me until I come in August.

While visiting Syracuse we opened up robo-kitty and put in batteries. It was a hit, and I soon realized it was a she. She was a great comfort after my last talk with my biological father. Anyway, I brought her home with me since she fit nicely in my backpack. There are some cute pictures of Heidi and Sean meeting her at our gallery.

Mom especially adored it, since she hasn't gotten a cat since Noia died (Noia was the one who always beat me up when I visited mom). I found a used white robo-kitty which Pamela and I are going to get for mom. Meanwhile, I finally came up with a name for robo-kitty.

MOLL*E, pronounced like "Molly", stands for "Meowing Oddly Life-Like Entity".

Why yes, I did like the movie WALL*E. Why do you ask?
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