Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Trip Report (May 29th-June 4th 09)

Borrowing formatting from druidsfire

The flights to and from Syracuse weren't bad. Puddlejumpers all the way, but only one hop instead of the two-hops which are usually required for ABQ-SYR. The biggest problem was a broken lavatory light on the way home, which required use of a flashlight. If that's the biggest problem on a total of four flights, color me happy.

I got to see my sister, some cousins, and two dear friends from school while in the upstate area. Friends Kim and Michele got teddy bears and my sister Pamela got a (stuffed) frog out of the deal. It was good to catch up, hear about other friends, and be able to volunteer some information. I'm hoping to fly in a little early in August before moving into my dorm so I can show off Andy, too.

Finally, I got to see some of my older relatives and hear stories about my grandmother (who knew she was the wild one back then?) and Father Wally. I also got to meet a bunch of my sister's co-workers, though none told me fun stories about her exploits. Finally, upon seeing the motivational posters in her workplace, I introduced Pamela to demotivators.

On the 30th we went to Pennsylvania for a small family-reunion, and in doing so, visited my 92 year-old great (grand?) uncle, Father Wally. He was unconscious the whole time, and later on that evening he died. He led a very full life and was not himself near the end, but a funeral had definitely not been in the plans for the trip. One of the friends I'd hoped to see in NY was too sick for us to visit her. I hope we can see Estelle in August. I also developed something which is verging on a cold, though about 16 hours solid of sleep upon arriving home seems to have cleared up all but the sniffles. Knock on wood.

My parents have been divorced since I was in college, and it's been a very bitter divorce with unnecessary acrimony on both sides. Dad had refused to talk to Pamela and me for some fifteen years. She and I tried to visit him while we were in Rome. He confirmed that he no longer wishes to speak with us, and we are now barred (by the woman he left our mom for) from calling or visiting him. Shortly after the woman he left our mom for gave that injunction to us, she delivered an ultimatum to him: her or us.
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