Cat (willowisp) wrote,

I was having a darned weird dream when Thena decided it was time for her pre-breakfast wakeup call. Scarily enough, I think I've isolated a major aspect of it to an incident with my cousin's 2 year-old son (Aaron) when he got his first exposure to silly putty. Anyway, thanks to the Foo deciding to help me out with my morning ablutions by way of grooming me, it didn't get much weirder than that.

I surprised Andy by doing the grocery shopping by myself, which allowed me to work on dinner: Dutch apple pork chops. The idea actually comes from a restaurant in upstate NY, but I had to reverse engineer it, and my version is somewhat different. Hopefully Andy can try the real thing in October; until then he's told me the recipe is a keeper. I may tweak it a bit next time (double the oatmeal "breading"), but otherwise it's in pretty good shape for a second attempt.

My walk tonight was very quiet -- no kitties, bunnies, or much of anything aside from moths. I have figured out that my firefly imposters were exactly that. I was watching the moths under the tennis court's white lights, and they were glowing white when they caught the light just so. The light I've been seeing the imposters in is yellowish, which is why they showed up as firefly yellow. After finishing my walk I came inside, took my blood sugar, got some more exercise, then tried again. Often during exercise my blood sugar goes up, which might explain the first reading (165). I just took it again and it's a much more tenable 102.
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