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Random Updatey Things

For the past few weeks callicrates has been working on a hellish presentation for work which has been causing him much stress. Enough so that he not only lost his appetite, but could not eat. In between him figuring out two meals he could stomach and giving the presentation on Wednesday, things seem to be looking up. Hopefully I didn't just jinx it.

On Wednesday I was busy too, at least nominally, in supervising yardwork and tree reclamation. Our chitalpa (a hybrid catalpa and desert willow, from what I understand) had been making a serious bid to take over the right side of our driveway, while some bushes over on the left side were trying to meet it halfway. In back our rose bushes were well on their way to becoming rose trees, and most of our other bushes were out of control, especially the catmint.

I have to keep looking outside to convince myself that it looks as good as it does. We had to lose a couple of limbs on the chitalpa to get our driveway and courtyard back (stringing Christmas lights should be much easier this year). Most of the bushes are nicely rounded now, and the rose bushes are less threatening even though it was late in the year to trim them. Next year we're supposed to call them in March to do the trimming so they don't have to cut bushes in flower.

Some of our pitiful amount of grass is still in danger; the out-of-control shrubbery was covering the sprinkler heads, so the lawn (such as it is) wasn't getting enough water. In addition, the area of the greatest catmint encroachment, when cut, left behind a bare patch of dirt. Next year, so long as we call early enough, they'll power-rake the lawn. We're waiting for a few weeks to see if we need to reseed the bare patch and if the brown patches will recover.

On Friday I'm flying out to Syracuse. This is a trip I'd planned even before I decided to go back to Oswego or to take the distance-learning course (oops). On Saturday I'm going to a mini family reunion in Pennsylvania; every year at least once they meet in a restaurant in a town which is more or less equidistant for all concerned. I plan to break the news of returning to Oswego on Saturday. Mom always accuses Pamela of not being able to keep a secret, so Pamela asked if we could keep my return to school a secret just to prove she can. Sunday is Pamela's birthday and we'll be visiting my grandpa's widow. Mary is a nice person, but my grandmother died when I was old enough that I could never quite get myself to call Mary "grandma".

Hopefully on Monday or Tuesday I'll be seeing some old friends from high school. The iffy part at the moment is which day it will be, and there's a chance it may be Wednesday. There's a concert at my former high school on Weds so I'm hoping we can visit on Mon or Tue. Given my preference I'd go for Tuesday, but I'll go with any option which allows the four (five, if Pamela comes along; she knew all of them) of us to get together. The complicated part is that I won't have a car, and Estelle, who lives in Ilion, not only doesn't have a car but is wheelchair-bound. Ideally what will happen is that Kim will pick me (and possibly Pamela) up in Rome, then we'll head over to Ilion. Michele might meet at my mom's house and carpool, or might meet us in Ilion. Mom says that the city where Michele lives is closer to Ilion than to Rome.

I'm flying back home on Thursday. By then I'll be more than ready to see Andy and the kitties again. At least since he's staying home I won't be worrying about them so much. When we're gone ljedi takes good care of them, but I always worry anyway.
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