January 28th, 2011

Grieving or sympathetic

"Guardians" by Leslie Fish

Many years ago, when I was still in upstate NY and hanging out with blackgryphon and others, one of them gave me a bootleg tape. I eventually discovered that it was a copy of the album Carmen Miranda's Ghost by Leslie Fish, a copy of Vince Emery's The Funniest Computer Songs (both of which are old enough that they were not even released on CD, and are long since out of print with absolutely no chance of being re-released), and a few random songs.

Sadly, when I copied it I only had an N-minute tape, so I had to leave some of the songs off. One of those I kept, however, I called "The Challenger Song" for the longest time. In the early '90s, I believe with mdlbear's help on alt.music.filk, I discovered it was by Leslie Fish. Much, much, later I narrowed it down to Carmen Miranda's Ghost with a strong guess that it might be the song "Guardians". I finally confirmed this in the recent past.

Now, on the 25th anniversary of the Challenger disaster, I find "Guardians" going through my head. Even without the haunting tune it's beautiful enough that I wanted to share the song with folks. The lyrics are largely from memory (I lost the tape years ago), so they may not be exact, and the Russian word is almost certainly not correct, but with those caveats, I present "Guardians" (aka The Challenger Song) by Leslie Fish from her album Carmen Miranda's Ghost.

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