October 9th, 2010


Forensics Tournament #2 2010-2011

I forgot to post about last week's tournament, but since there isn't one this week, I'm doing it now.

Last week was student congress. I had never participated or judged anything even remotely like it, and in retrospect I wish I had known it was novices I was judging. Since the post is unlocked I won't go into any of the bills they debated, except to say that there were a lot of current hot-button issues.

Oddly enough, given the way I ranked/scored, it would look like I'm politically oriented almost exactly the opposite way from reality. I'm not sure if I'm just harder on "my side", or if the arguments were just more eloquent for the other side, or something completely different.

Among the snacks being sold by the hosting school were caramel apples. They apparently grossly overestimated how many they would need, so on the way out they gave me one. When I made an offhand comment about Andy approving, they gave me a second one for him. I could learn to live with this.